Side Effects of Mercury Fillings

Amalgam, the normal silver substance accustomed to fill cavities, was used in dentistry in excess of 100 years. It is a combination of metals like silver, mercury, tin and copper and has traces of zinc, indium or palladium. Generally amalgams contain 50% of mercury 35% of silver and 9% tin and 6% of copper and traces of zinc along with other metals. As alternatives there may be amalgams made with larger percentages of precious metals like copper or indium which could bind mercury strongly and can decrease its release using this mixture.
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Mercury is used in amalgam since it helps make the material more pliable. It generates a compound that is soft enough to bring along into the teeth but quickly hardens to withstand the actions of biting and chewing.

Being cheaper compared to other fillings websites as bad its capability to with stand pressure caused because of chewing; it is preferred over other filling materials.

Millions of people currently have amalgam fillings and a few dentists are still using it today. However he harmful effects that mercury has on human health may be well documented for centuries. The truth that mercury can have a accumulative harmful effect on human health needs to be taken into consideration carefully.

According to one source, mercury can attach from the sulfhydral groups on amino acids in your CNS (Central nervous system) unless actively removed as long as 15-30 years. In other words, the longer you are exposed to the mercury the more your risk of creating toxicity inside you.
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We are exposed every day to mercury through various sources like water, air, occupation but using amalgam filling makes you to face mercury every day on a consistent basis. Even though the risk of exposure to mercury through use of amalgam fillings is a controversial issue but it cannot be ignored that chewing, brushing and intake of hot foods can stimulate the production of mercury therefore exposing oneself for the possible toxicity.

Supporters of amalgam fillings declare that the amount of mercury released from amalgam fillings is negligible. However animal research has conclusively shown labelled mercury traces appearing in kidneys, brain and intestinal walls. These mercury traces occurred from the amalgam. Some European countries have banned the use of amalgams as dental fillings.

Additionally there are reports showing a link between amalgam fillings with autoimmune disorders like Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and thyroid problems along

with other problems for example food allergies, kidney dysfunction, infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome and neurotransmitter imbalances causing tremors, insomnia, polyneuropath and paresthesias.

Why risk your health with mercury fillings. Today you have a choice with composite fillings. Composite is normally make of a quartz resin and most often has a light sensitive agent within it.

Composite fillings actually bond for the tooth thus helping the tooth be restored its original strength. Mercury fillings actually weaken the teeth making them more susceptible to breaking. Composite fillings restore all-natural appearance of your teeth thus rendering it more aesthetically pleasing. And composite fillings are less understanding of hot and cold that teeth full of mercury.

The choice is simple. For health and cosmetic reasons have your teeth restored with mercury-free fillings.

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